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This site consists of two parts.  


Part 1: for the surfer.  


Which  can find Belgian florists  and Belgian  gardencenters  and can order. Either through their website ( if available)  or via a form designed by us .

It is possible as well to look for other companies specialized  in gift items such as beers, wines and champagnes, baby articles , perfumes, jewellery , chocolates, fruit and funeral articles .  


Part 2: for professionals. 


Each registered professional can consult these pages by connecting with his e mail and password. 


He/She can order directly at  Belgian and international florists. 


Various topics are available are as well .Such as  Cash & Carry, Potteries, wholesalers  delivering flowers, greeting cards, balloons, flowers, silk, printers ribbons of mourning candles. 


In the calendar section we publish events in the world of flowers.  


On the newsletters we publish newsletters of some wholesalers.